Saturday, 14 March 2009

The Little Dress-Maker

These are some photos of the first dolls house I bought , one made by 'Gee Bee'. It is the only house I have, that is not inhabited by Grecons. I got this little chap when I bought several dolls together, and was going to part with him straight away, but as you can see he stayed. He lives on his own, apart from his parrot, and I am not sure which country he comes from, but he is very colourful and I suppose that is why he became a dress-maker. He probably made the patchwork quilt on his bed. He has no fridge so keeps his 'gold-top' in a bucket of cold water- just as my Grandma did in the early 60's.
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  1. I love this dollhouse. I wish I could find something like it. It has so much character.