Wednesday, 29 April 2009

I dont think I will be adding much to this blog as I prefer to put my photos on Flickr! So check out my photos there-lots of my dolls houses and dolls houses furniture!

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Amersham Dolls House 'The White House'

During this Dolls houses life, it has had a window removed from the front upstairs and a bathroom added over the garage. I think the missing window was put here instead! I'm glad though, as I much prefer to have 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. When I was a child my dolls house had only 4 rooms and one was always a bathroom. I never thought to change the rooms- the bathroom was a large room and didn't even have a toilet in it. The poor dolls had to use a linen basket! Although they did have a nice roll of toilet paper!
The 'White House', the name plaque unfortunately missing fom above the front door, has been redecorated inside and out. i had a go at removing the outside paint, but didn't get very far. Although the step is now brown rather than white. i like the colours inside, especially the bedrooms. Amelia's bedroom looks very cosy with the very pretty fireplace. Above her bedshe has a picture of 'Peter Pan', painted by Margaret Tarrant, just as I did. The kitchen looks cold, but I quite like it. The lady of the house is a teacher, and as you can see her husband is the local 'Bobby' with his very fierce looking Alsation. Most of the furniture in hte house was made by Twigg. I love the 'Flying Ducks', they come from KT Miniatures. I'm pretty pleased with the lamp in the bedroom, it's made from a ceiling lampshade and a candlestick! That turkey looks delicious, no wonder the cat, is in the kitchen!
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Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Jake - Our Cardigan Welsh Corgi

My husband had a Corgi when he was a small boy. So, when we decided to get a puppy, it had to be a Corgi. I arranged it all, knowing a little about them, having researched on the internet. We travelled some distance to meet the breeder and the pups. My husband said, " Nice puppies. Where are the Corgi's?" It was then we realised that he had grown up with a Pembroke, same as the Queen's, and these were the "ones with tails". But my son and I had already fallen in love with Jake, and we brought him home with us that afternoon. That was almost six years ago, and look how he's grown! He loves to be with the family, and as most of our holidays are in the UK we always try to take him with us. He's a hardy little dog, as were his ancestors who rounded up the cattle in the Welsh Mountains. He loves to "talk" usually around tea time. He gets on very well with most other dogs, except for those that try to dominate him with their size! I am often asked if he is a cross between a corgi and a collie -a collie with short legs! He's a great dog, good natured and lots of fun.
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