Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Forgotten I'd drawn this.

Found this in a frame behind another picture. May have to have another go at drawing!
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Grecon dolls

Another photo of the wedding party. I really love Grecon dolls.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Tri-ang No. 62E Dolls House 1950's

Will put these photos in now , but looking at them, the beds need covers and the wallpaper needs to be finished!Posted by Picasa

More dolls house pictures

Gosh photos take too long to download but wow! they really blow up fantastically! My pictures show my Grecon dolls infront of a Tri-ang house. The others are of a Gee-Bee house , which was perfect for the little cafe I always wanted. I love the curved windows!

Here we go!

Taking photos of dolls houses today. On holiday and not doing exactly what was planned but enjoying myself anyway. Almost got dolls houses how I'd like them, but can change on a whim. Downloaded Picasso today and really had fun , making collages of wedding photos, dolls house pictures and videos -with photos of husband yawning. Anyway here are photos of dolls houses.