Sunday, 24 June 2012

New Dolls House- Triang 91

Triang 91

I have just bought another house on you know where. I didn't think I'd win it- I put my bid in several hours before and then completely forgot about it. I was very surprised to find it was mine the next day.
 There is a problem though. It is over 250 miles away- luckily my sister lives quite near and she was able to collect it for me- and of course that is the reason I was able to bid in the first place. But I wll have to wait till I go down to stay with my parents in August before I can get my hands on it. Very frustrating!
 But that also gives me time to make a space for it- quite a large space I think. I will have to sell another of my Triangs, I think.
When I stayed with my parents at Easter, I went to a local car-boot sale and bought a lovely 'shop'. I knew I didn't have room for it- and the terrible thing is- it is still in the back of my car! I think I quickly realised that I had bought it in haste. It's just the shell- no shelves etc and I haven't got anything to put on the shelves anyway. But it has got dear little counters, with some tiny paper bags and a lovely front door. It will have to go- although I think I should take some photos first!


Georgie loves to play games with the toy car he got for Christmas. He likes playing them in the kitchen where it is warm. Sometimes, in between stirring a pot of soup on the hob or checking a pie in the oven, Mother plays too.

Feed the Birds

This morning when Sally looked out of the window she saw three little birds hopping about in the cold snow. She immediately asked Mother if she could have a little bread to feed them and of course Mother had said yes. When the birds had pecked up all the crumbs they seemed to sing a song of thanks to thoughful Sally!

Christmas Morning!

The Barrett Family gather around the Christmas Tree. Georgie, being the youngest, receives his present first. When everyone has opened their Christmas  present, Mother will return to the kitchen, from where the most wonderful aromas are already emerging.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

The Barrett Family

This is the lucky family that live in the house. The dolls all German made. Father and Mother are bisque and were made by Kestner, around 1920 or earlier. The daughter, Sally, and Baby Josephine, seem to be made of a type of white china, which has been painted over. The little boy is by Caco and was made in the 30s.

The Inside of the House

The dolls house is furnished with a little furniture that came with the house and some pieces I already had. The rooms are quite small compared to the other Hobbies dolls house I have that was made in the late 1940s. So I will pretend there are rooms at the back of the house!  The front room is too small for a three-piece-suite and other furniture.

Hobbies Special 186 Dolls House 1930s

Another photo of my latest dolls house. I just love the little porch at the side of the house. There used to be curtains at every window- at the top and half way down. I'm looking for suitable lace to replace the ones that are missing.