Sunday, 24 June 2012

New Dolls House- Triang 91

Triang 91

I have just bought another house on you know where. I didn't think I'd win it- I put my bid in several hours before and then completely forgot about it. I was very surprised to find it was mine the next day.
 There is a problem though. It is over 250 miles away- luckily my sister lives quite near and she was able to collect it for me- and of course that is the reason I was able to bid in the first place. But I wll have to wait till I go down to stay with my parents in August before I can get my hands on it. Very frustrating!
 But that also gives me time to make a space for it- quite a large space I think. I will have to sell another of my Triangs, I think.
When I stayed with my parents at Easter, I went to a local car-boot sale and bought a lovely 'shop'. I knew I didn't have room for it- and the terrible thing is- it is still in the back of my car! I think I quickly realised that I had bought it in haste. It's just the shell- no shelves etc and I haven't got anything to put on the shelves anyway. But it has got dear little counters, with some tiny paper bags and a lovely front door. It will have to go- although I think I should take some photos first!


  1. hehehe you sound as addicted (afflicted) as me... can't you squeeze one in amongst the books in the bookcase or sit a shelf under a table... i have 3 on top of wardrobes.. the triang 91 is a stunner, congratulations..

  2. I have 14, well 15 houses now. I have recently parted with a few only to replace them with new ones. How about you? I even have to keep one in my sons bedroom- no furnitutre in it just a place to store. I am up to my eyeballs with stuff :)

  3. i think at last count i had 12 and there are at least 2 in the shed 'waiting' repairs or demolition... its the boxes of stuff that cause the most grief and i never know where anything is when i want it! thats hard for this virgo who used to pride herself on organisation!!now i just go with the flow but inside, its agony.. hehehe

  4. I know what you mean- plus I forget what I do have and then find I have bought it again!