Wednesday, 21 December 2011

My New Doll House- A 'Hobbies 186 Special'

I remember seeing a 'Hobbies 186 Special' on the internet some years ago- and fell instantly in love!  Now I am lucky enough to have my own  version of this wonderful dolls house.
The plans were avaliable from 'Hobbies' from around 1934 but I think many people must have added their own variations to the finished dolls house. In the original plans there was a garage on the side- but mine has a porch with a door into the kitchen. I have seen a couple which open from the back- this house has two opening doors to the front, which meant a necessary change to the fretwork design. Recently I saw a photo of a house with a staircase with a little landing half way up- mine had a simple straight staircase which I was able to remove, creating room for a bathroom upstairs and more room for hall furniture downstairs. In comparison to other houses the walls under the windows, both up and down seem to be higher and the front door is longer. All the bay windows had glass panes when the house was first built- now although the side windows are still glass, only one window has glass to the front.
Inside the floors are 'carpeted' with wonderful patterned papers and it retains an original fireplace with bevelled mirror. There is also a bevelled mirror in a bedroom upstairs.
Generations of children have played with the house, but apart from the windows, the house remains in good order although it must have been kept in a room with an open fire as the wallpapers have a brown tinge and it has the most wonderful smell!
 The lady I bought it from asked if I would send her photos when I had redecorated it. I explained that to me, the house was perfect in every way- it was a toy of yesteryear- and would stay like that whilst in my possession! I get goosebumps when I look at it- it is definitely my favourite dolls house and I look forward to furnishing it with more treasures and finding that lucky family of dolls who will live in it!