Tuesday, 15 November 2011

The First Cuppa of the Day

Mr Evans' parents have come to meet their new granddaughter for the first time and are staying for the weekend. They are early risers and always enjoy a nice cup of tea first thing.

The New Baby

Constance is a lucky baby to have been born into such a loving family! As they stand around the cot, each member of the family is imagining life with Constance. Mr Evans is thinking of the day he will proudly walk his daugther down the aisle. Mrs Evans is thinking of all the things she will be able to teach her little daughter- passing on the knowledge her own mother gave to her. Giles and Gregory are thinking of all the fun they will have with their sister when she learns to walk. Constance just smiles, the sweetest of smiles.

The New Home

The Evans family recently moved from a Gee Bee Villa to their new home- a bungalow in a leafy suburb. This has not been the only change to family life. Mrs Evans recently gave birth to their third child - a daughter named Constance. The twins, Gregory and Giles, are totally transfixed by their tiny sibling and cannot do enough to help their mother in the care of their sister.

Bathtime with Bertie and Boo

It's bath time for Bertie and Boo
(Yotsuba could do with one too!)
The boys want to play
 With bubbles all day
But I'm scared they will catch the mildew!