Saturday, 7 January 2012

The Barrett Family

This is the lucky family that live in the house. The dolls all German made. Father and Mother are bisque and were made by Kestner, around 1920 or earlier. The daughter, Sally, and Baby Josephine, seem to be made of a type of white china, which has been painted over. The little boy is by Caco and was made in the 30s.

The Inside of the House

The dolls house is furnished with a little furniture that came with the house and some pieces I already had. The rooms are quite small compared to the other Hobbies dolls house I have that was made in the late 1940s. So I will pretend there are rooms at the back of the house!  The front room is too small for a three-piece-suite and other furniture.

Hobbies Special 186 Dolls House 1930s

Another photo of my latest dolls house. I just love the little porch at the side of the house. There used to be curtains at every window- at the top and half way down. I'm looking for suitable lace to replace the ones that are missing.