Wednesday, 21 December 2011

My New Doll House- A 'Hobbies 186 Special'

I remember seeing a 'Hobbies 186 Special' on the internet some years ago- and fell instantly in love!  Now I am lucky enough to have my own  version of this wonderful dolls house.
The plans were avaliable from 'Hobbies' from around 1934 but I think many people must have added their own variations to the finished dolls house. In the original plans there was a garage on the side- but mine has a porch with a door into the kitchen. I have seen a couple which open from the back- this house has two opening doors to the front, which meant a necessary change to the fretwork design. Recently I saw a photo of a house with a staircase with a little landing half way up- mine had a simple straight staircase which I was able to remove, creating room for a bathroom upstairs and more room for hall furniture downstairs. In comparison to other houses the walls under the windows, both up and down seem to be higher and the front door is longer. All the bay windows had glass panes when the house was first built- now although the side windows are still glass, only one window has glass to the front.
Inside the floors are 'carpeted' with wonderful patterned papers and it retains an original fireplace with bevelled mirror. There is also a bevelled mirror in a bedroom upstairs.
Generations of children have played with the house, but apart from the windows, the house remains in good order although it must have been kept in a room with an open fire as the wallpapers have a brown tinge and it has the most wonderful smell!
 The lady I bought it from asked if I would send her photos when I had redecorated it. I explained that to me, the house was perfect in every way- it was a toy of yesteryear- and would stay like that whilst in my possession! I get goosebumps when I look at it- it is definitely my favourite dolls house and I look forward to furnishing it with more treasures and finding that lucky family of dolls who will live in it!

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

The First Cuppa of the Day

Mr Evans' parents have come to meet their new granddaughter for the first time and are staying for the weekend. They are early risers and always enjoy a nice cup of tea first thing.

The New Baby

Constance is a lucky baby to have been born into such a loving family! As they stand around the cot, each member of the family is imagining life with Constance. Mr Evans is thinking of the day he will proudly walk his daugther down the aisle. Mrs Evans is thinking of all the things she will be able to teach her little daughter- passing on the knowledge her own mother gave to her. Giles and Gregory are thinking of all the fun they will have with their sister when she learns to walk. Constance just smiles, the sweetest of smiles.

The New Home

The Evans family recently moved from a Gee Bee Villa to their new home- a bungalow in a leafy suburb. This has not been the only change to family life. Mrs Evans recently gave birth to their third child - a daughter named Constance. The twins, Gregory and Giles, are totally transfixed by their tiny sibling and cannot do enough to help their mother in the care of their sister.

Bathtime with Bertie and Boo

It's bath time for Bertie and Boo
(Yotsuba could do with one too!)
The boys want to play
 With bubbles all day
But I'm scared they will catch the mildew!

Monday, 14 March 2011


Dear Amanda had a fright
When she turned from the nightlight
Saw at once the figure there
Told her not to stand and stare
But come next time and ring the bell
And share some tea and cakes as well.

(Stories from the point of view of the dolls house are always told in rhyme).

Sunday, 13 March 2011


...a bedroom at the other end of the landing. Yotsuba made her way silently into the room. A young lady was reading a story from a large book to two little heads on a big white pillow.

Treasures in the Sitting Room

...a room full of treasures! In the firelight, Yotsuba was drawn to a cabinet in the corner of the room. She carefully opened the door and looked at the delicate china within. Yotsuba wondered who lived in this lovely welcoming house. Suddenly she became aware of voices above. A shiver tingled down her spine. The voices sounded so full of love. She could here children giggling. Very slowly, Yotsuba made her way back throught the kitchen to the hall. She climbed the stairs and found the voices were coming from ...

Yotsuba tip-toes through the house...

After looking through the open window of the dolls house, Yotsuba noticed the front door was very slightly ajar. She gently pushed the door and it swung open. It seemed to say,' Come on in Yotsuba', so that is what she did! She tip-toed into the house and found herself in a very tidy and clean and oh so cosy kitchen! The soft flickering light from the fireplace lit her way as she tip-toed into...

Little Miss Nosey

Oh my! Who is this peeking into the open window of the dolls house? Why it's Yotsuba. Usually a very well behaved doll. What will she do next?

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Bertie and Boo and Old Black Jack

The boys are scared of Old Black Jack
Who is a most important Cat.
(He's not too keen on little boys
Especially those who play with toys)

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Goodnight Dear Boys

Now snuggle down deep
It's time to count sheep
Amanda tucks each boy in tight.
'Tomorrow we'll see
What fun shall we three
'Til then dears, I wish you Goodnight'.

Two Satisfied Little Boys

The boys are well fed
And now off to bed
Amanda says, 'Stay
Each day you can play'

Thursday, 3 March 2011


The door opens wide
Dear Amanda appears
'Come into the warmth
Don't stand there in tears!'.

Bertie and Boo Arrive

Two little boys
Lost on the streets
Find a nice house
Filled with sweet treats.
('sweet' as in caring, aggreeable, delightful and confectionary!)

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Here is my latest house- a tinplate house by Mettoy- apparently of Northampton- now I remember I told my Mum this and she remembered the factory. My Mum went to live just outside Northampton with her family during the Second World war. I just love the lithographs! It also has a very clean and uncluttered feel to it- clean lines- I suppose this is because it is made of metal and the furniture is plastic. When I first began to collect dolls houses I must admit I wasn't very keen on metal walls and plastic furniture- how can the dolls be comfortable? Then I began to enjoy the pictures on the walls- just as I enjoy the Brimtoy kitchen furniture.
Here are Ester and Frankie outside on the lawn. I had a doll just like Ester when I was a girl- Ester came from ebay-she was dressed in red- actually I think I had two- the other in green... or was it yellow- I don't know what happened to them. Which is strange as all the dolls house furniture I had as a chlld was kept together in a box. Frankie has also been with me from the 60's.
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Goodness me I haven't been around for over a year! One of my news Resolutions was to come back to blogging- so here I am!
Here is some of the new furniture I recieved this week. I actually had the parcel for a couple of days before I allowed myself to open it. What a treat! I think it may be 'Oriental'- the day bed and the tortoise-shell design gave me the idea. The 'window' in the cupboard was so dirty I had thought it was a television screen. I am sure the children in the house where it will live, would have loved watching such classics as 'Watch with Mother', 'The Woodentops', 'Andy Pandy', 'Torchy the battery Boy' and 'Sarah and Hoppity'- although they would probably have hidden behind the settee when naughty Hoppity was on- just as I did as a child! Luckily I didn't tell them a new televison was on the way so they won't miss it. They have the radio- and enjoy listening to 'Listen with Mother' just after lunch.
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