Sunday, 30 January 2011

Goodness me I haven't been around for over a year! One of my news Resolutions was to come back to blogging- so here I am!
Here is some of the new furniture I recieved this week. I actually had the parcel for a couple of days before I allowed myself to open it. What a treat! I think it may be 'Oriental'- the day bed and the tortoise-shell design gave me the idea. The 'window' in the cupboard was so dirty I had thought it was a television screen. I am sure the children in the house where it will live, would have loved watching such classics as 'Watch with Mother', 'The Woodentops', 'Andy Pandy', 'Torchy the battery Boy' and 'Sarah and Hoppity'- although they would probably have hidden behind the settee when naughty Hoppity was on- just as I did as a child! Luckily I didn't tell them a new televison was on the way so they won't miss it. They have the radio- and enjoy listening to 'Listen with Mother' just after lunch.
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