Monday, 14 March 2011


Dear Amanda had a fright
When she turned from the nightlight
Saw at once the figure there
Told her not to stand and stare
But come next time and ring the bell
And share some tea and cakes as well.

(Stories from the point of view of the dolls house are always told in rhyme).

Sunday, 13 March 2011


...a bedroom at the other end of the landing. Yotsuba made her way silently into the room. A young lady was reading a story from a large book to two little heads on a big white pillow.

Treasures in the Sitting Room

...a room full of treasures! In the firelight, Yotsuba was drawn to a cabinet in the corner of the room. She carefully opened the door and looked at the delicate china within. Yotsuba wondered who lived in this lovely welcoming house. Suddenly she became aware of voices above. A shiver tingled down her spine. The voices sounded so full of love. She could here children giggling. Very slowly, Yotsuba made her way back throught the kitchen to the hall. She climbed the stairs and found the voices were coming from ...

Yotsuba tip-toes through the house...

After looking through the open window of the dolls house, Yotsuba noticed the front door was very slightly ajar. She gently pushed the door and it swung open. It seemed to say,' Come on in Yotsuba', so that is what she did! She tip-toed into the house and found herself in a very tidy and clean and oh so cosy kitchen! The soft flickering light from the fireplace lit her way as she tip-toed into...

Little Miss Nosey

Oh my! Who is this peeking into the open window of the dolls house? Why it's Yotsuba. Usually a very well behaved doll. What will she do next?

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Bertie and Boo and Old Black Jack

The boys are scared of Old Black Jack
Who is a most important Cat.
(He's not too keen on little boys
Especially those who play with toys)

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Goodnight Dear Boys

Now snuggle down deep
It's time to count sheep
Amanda tucks each boy in tight.
'Tomorrow we'll see
What fun shall we three
'Til then dears, I wish you Goodnight'.

Two Satisfied Little Boys

The boys are well fed
And now off to bed
Amanda says, 'Stay
Each day you can play'

Thursday, 3 March 2011


The door opens wide
Dear Amanda appears
'Come into the warmth
Don't stand there in tears!'.

Bertie and Boo Arrive

Two little boys
Lost on the streets
Find a nice house
Filled with sweet treats.
('sweet' as in caring, aggreeable, delightful and confectionary!)