Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Jake - Our Cardigan Welsh Corgi

My husband had a Corgi when he was a small boy. So, when we decided to get a puppy, it had to be a Corgi. I arranged it all, knowing a little about them, having researched on the internet. We travelled some distance to meet the breeder and the pups. My husband said, " Nice puppies. Where are the Corgi's?" It was then we realised that he had grown up with a Pembroke, same as the Queen's, and these were the "ones with tails". But my son and I had already fallen in love with Jake, and we brought him home with us that afternoon. That was almost six years ago, and look how he's grown! He loves to be with the family, and as most of our holidays are in the UK we always try to take him with us. He's a hardy little dog, as were his ancestors who rounded up the cattle in the Welsh Mountains. He loves to "talk" usually around tea time. He gets on very well with most other dogs, except for those that try to dominate him with their size! I am often asked if he is a cross between a corgi and a collie -a collie with short legs! He's a great dog, good natured and lots of fun.
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