Thursday, 16 April 2009

Amersham Dolls House 'The White House'

During this Dolls houses life, it has had a window removed from the front upstairs and a bathroom added over the garage. I think the missing window was put here instead! I'm glad though, as I much prefer to have 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. When I was a child my dolls house had only 4 rooms and one was always a bathroom. I never thought to change the rooms- the bathroom was a large room and didn't even have a toilet in it. The poor dolls had to use a linen basket! Although they did have a nice roll of toilet paper!
The 'White House', the name plaque unfortunately missing fom above the front door, has been redecorated inside and out. i had a go at removing the outside paint, but didn't get very far. Although the step is now brown rather than white. i like the colours inside, especially the bedrooms. Amelia's bedroom looks very cosy with the very pretty fireplace. Above her bedshe has a picture of 'Peter Pan', painted by Margaret Tarrant, just as I did. The kitchen looks cold, but I quite like it. The lady of the house is a teacher, and as you can see her husband is the local 'Bobby' with his very fierce looking Alsation. Most of the furniture in hte house was made by Twigg. I love the 'Flying Ducks', they come from KT Miniatures. I'm pretty pleased with the lamp in the bedroom, it's made from a ceiling lampshade and a candlestick! That turkey looks delicious, no wonder the cat, is in the kitchen!
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  1. lovely house, I like the Twiggs Kitchen, reminds me of my childhood home.. all that formica!
    Lizzie x

  2. Great house and contents. Have had fun identifying the different pieces in the house but my favourite is the policeman - he is wonderful.

  3. still have your first dollhouse?

  4. I like the pink wooden? bathroom.

  5. anousha n akshieta9 September 2010 at 15:18

    hi m anousha and akshieta
    i like the doll house.............
    nice pics.....................................

  6. I am sorry everyone that I didn't answer your comments at the time- I was away on Flickr- still never too late! Thank you all for visiting and hope to see you again one day!