Monday, 16 March 2009

Dol-toi, Barrett and Halfpenny Pocket Dolls

Today a picture of the Halfpenny Pocket Dolls having tea at their favourite tearoom. They were made by Halfpenny Houses of Bideford, Devon in the 70's. The little plates of food were made by Dol-toi, from painted plaster on metal plates. Ages ago! The kettles and saucepans were made by A.barrett and Sons before the early 60's. the little teapot is sliver and beautifully made. Must post a picture of it on its own. The little piece of china, maybe for jam, or sugar came from a 30's dollshouse. I particulary like the little carpet beater and the sieve. Do remember you can click on pictures for a closer look!
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  1. I have been looking for these dolls so I can compare some I have. You have some great items on here.

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