Monday, 9 March 2009

Mr Wong

Last Saturday morning, my husband very kindly took me to a lovely Doll Fair in the village of Barton, just north of Preston. I had a wonderful time looking round and saw several things I liked...I mean loved! 'Mr Wong' was one of them. (So called as he has a label stuck inside his clothes, with 'Mr Wong' handwritten on it.) I went back to see him several times. 'But he's old,' my husband said. 'His head is cracked...he's dirty!' (Even after 20 years together, my husband doesn't appreciate my love of all things old, broken and dirty!) But readers I had to have him, and luckily my husband was feeling in a generous mood, having spent a week in Ostend working and not bringing me back a present. So Mr Wong now lives with us and what a handsome chap he is too!
I'd also like to say Hello and Thank you to my followers! It was a lovely surprise to see that my pictures are being enjoyed by others!
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