Tuesday, 10 March 2009

A Cosy Family Home - containing some of my favourite pieces

Here is one of my Gee Bee houses. Did you know that if you click on the pictures they enlarge? Fantastically! One of my 'newer' houses but also one of my favourites. I love the wall paper which I found and downloaded from the internet. Really 1960's. I do mix and match my pieces, old and not quite as old! I just want the family to be comfotable! I love the balcony area, with the sun chairs and the area downstairs for the washing machine. The little fire screen by Barton is one of my favourite pieces as is the little plaster Kaybot picture behind the gentleman's head in the sitting room. Although I really enjoy setting all the rooms up, Ive never given the dolls names, even though the are divided into families. The little picture of a terrier in the grown-ups bedroom was made by my dad. It was cut from a copy of the 'Robin' comic in the 60's. My mum made the dried flower picture. Forgot to mention the lovely green jug and bowl made by Barton again in the parents bedroom. I've used the seven dwarves by 'Disneykins' as toys for the boys and ornaments. Not too keen on the kitchen furniture though although it's nice and bright. But haven't filled the room with bits and pieces, which I must.
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