Monday, 9 March 2009

'The Nook' - My New Triang Dolls House

I also fell in love with this little two roomed house. I am hoping to put up two walls, one up and one down therefore making four rooms. Living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. It was made by Triang from 1931-33. It is part of a seris called 'The Nest'. The Nook is the largest of the set, which includes 'The Pixie' and 'The Elfin'. Thank you to Marion Osbourne for this information. It's so clean at the front. I love the little shutters and the black windows. The base has been replaced and there is nothing left of original wallpaper, flooring or curtains. I love the way the front swings open. My other dolls houses have either a sliding front , the front swings open in two parts or they are acessible from the back. My first dolls house, which I was given second-hand in the 1960's, didn't have a front at all, although my mum tells me my dad always meant to put one on.
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