Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Doll's Houses Within Doll's Houses!

Here are some dear little doll's houses that are small enough to go into my 'large' doll's houses!
The first , a church, possibly came out of a cracker, and shows a wedding scene. The next with the red roof is made of metal. A paper house with balsa wood roof follows. I think the plastic one with white walls and yellow windows was made by Triang for 'Jenny's Home.' Next a little doll's house shop. I like the little Asian house and the Gingerbread Cottage. I think the little house with green roof and white sills maybe homemade. The little card 'Bliss' is missing its chimneys. Then a porcelain house and lastly a tiny 'charm' house.
I couldn't decide which is my favourite, they are all so different!

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